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Simple Inspiration for Living Simply

Even a professional organizer needs inspiration some days.  Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist and Simplified Life by Emily Ley were both recommended to me by fellow organizers and Hygge lovers. I just started following both of these ladies over on Instagram and bought these books this past weekend.

To say these past few months have been super busy would be an understatement. My full-time career is in accounting, I am a tax accountant by day, night, and everything in between. This tax season is a particularly difficult tax season with all the “last minute” changes. I will survive. I will survive.

My goal is to get my home-based business off the ground and slowly ease into working part-time organizing and personal shopping, and part-time as a tax accountant during the busy season.

Even though it’s been a busy few months I am still on track and I continue to stay on point with housework, new business-oriented work, family, and volunteer work. By keeping on top of things and making sure these things got taken care of, I’ve had a lot less stress working overtime and weekends since last fall. Our taxes are done, my spring cleaning is done, Easter dinner planned and partially shopped for, and I’m training two new volunteers to help me when I am back to volunteering every month come summertime.

Some things I’ve thought of lately that perhaps you might be interested in and jot down as inspiration–

  • In April I am attending a flower show in a local arboretum where early flowers such as primulas will be for sale.  Look to your local gardening center or university –they may have the same kind of event going on in April.
  • Perusing gardening catalogs and buying flowers and plants that honey bees and butterflies love.
  • Releasing butterflies- we have friends that hatch out monarchs every year. You can buy kits online–google butterfly release.
  • If you’re traveling this spring or summer consider Marie Kondo’s new travel accessory cases (Cuyana partnered with Marie Kondo).  They are sold out now but will be back in stock in May 2018.
  • New follows on Instagram- @livingbetterwithless @iheartorganizing @thehomeedit


Be Inspired!

Simple Living

Simple Times

Today as I was kissing my husband goodbye for work something suddenly came to me–“oh how I pray I will remember well these simple, mundane (some may think), normal, everyday moments someday.”

Someday I will look back on my current day to day and wish I was back making the same old sandwich day after day for my husband. I pray I will remember lying on my bed watching our cat groom himself–so calming and relaxing. Someday all of my days, my here and now, will be a distant memory.

At almost any moment our current normal can become our past. And then we must adjust to a new normal. Often times new normals come about because of death, separation, age, illness, but most often through the passage of time.

Oh, how sad I feel sometimes to know that these times, though tough right now, are the easiest times of my life. They’re before I arrive at a place in the not so distant future where naps won’t just be a pleasure, but in fact, probably a necessity. Where worries won’t necessarily be if I have time to make a blog post, but rather how much time do I have left? I know morbid thoughts, and a bit depressing.

It seems that nowadays, more than ever, everyone seems to be in such a hurry. Everyone is waiting for their next big thing, their next selfie opportunity, their next staged event. Here I am just wanting to sit back and take things a bit slower. I don’t want to hurry anything along anymore.

Which brings me back to the simplicity of today–little things like kissing my husband goodbye for the day. Going back to bed for a couple of hours because he gets up and goes to work at an ungodly hour (4am). Lying in bed listening to the quiet between cat purrs before the rest of the neighborhood wakes up for the day. All throughout our lives, we are storing up memories for our later years. Times to reflect on, moments that will take us back to better days. So much time nowadays is being wasted dealing with social media, looking into smartphones, and materialism it seems on overdrive, that some people may be missing their nowadays, their current normals, their precious moments altogether.

Take some time today, tomorrow, the next day to listen to your life. Look at it, take it for what it is in the moment– a someday down the line memory of a simpler time.

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Services, fees, and contact information



Virtual Assistant—$10.00 an hour

(email, organize, coach, schedule

resource, research, marketing)


Personal Organizing–$25.00 an hour

(room, office, section, declutter, assist with

a minimalistic approach, mail, desk, calendar, email)


Personal Shopping–$10.00 an hour

(home décor, gifts, grocery shop)


Home/Apt freshen up-after travel or hospitalization—$10.00 an hour

(light cleaning, airing out, mail recovery, food necessities, flowers, plant care)


Personal Lifestyle Coach—$20.00 an hour

(coaching, encouragement, listening, goal-setting, planning, and support) a service that is both virtual and offered in person.


Payment- PayPal

Communication- feel free to contact me at with all questions and concerns and to schedule an appointment. Same day appointments for all virtual services as soon as payment is made. I will provide references and a service contract before work is scheduled in person.



Virtual Chats are made through Google Hangouts

Virtual Hours-9am to 9pm


Organizing · PDF Quick and Easy Guide

A Quick and Easy Guide to a Life Organized

I’m happy to announce that the organizing guide I have been working on for a long time is ready and I hope you love it as much as I do. No one certain person will benefit more from it than the other. Organizing is my family business. I was born to organize. But that doesn’t make me better than anyone, or more successful, or better off. It comes down to how each of us individually sees things, does things, and how each of us completes the tasks of daily living. Everyone is different. Some more than others are quite organized in the things they do. For me, there is a process to everything and though many people compliment me for being organized– it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be all the time. In this guide, I’ve put together a month to month outline of some of the things I do that make my life easier, and keep things in my life more organized.  I think there is something in my free guide for everyone, and I hope with all my heart that it helps someone.  I will start by saying, as a way of introduction, that some of the things I do in my life, by way of staying organized, keep me on schedule for all my appointments, help me to remember birthdays, special occasions, and get-togethers, pay bills on time (never any late fees), stay ahead of my housekeeping, keep our family car’s service up to date, relax throughout the holidays, take the summer off, enjoy the bounty of fall food throughout the winter, live well on a fixed budget and more. I’m a wife, an accountant that works full-time +, an urban homesteader, volunteer, and I travel often and care for a pet with special health needs.  I budget my time wisely, and I would be lost without a few of the shortcuts, tips, and organizing tools that I have laid out for you in my special Quick and Easy Guide to a Life Organized.

A Quick and Easy Guide to a Life Organized 2018

Self Care

Self Care

We’re a couple weeks into the new year and already I feel as though some of you may be experiencing sensory overload. My messenger inbox and this blog are inundated with questions from people asking me how they can reset, refresh, renew and get this year started without–going into more debt, having to travel to do it, having to listen to multiple podcasts (who has time?), buy books, someone, somewhere online, has suggested and then find the time to sit down and read them. My FB feed is filled with classes on cozy, decluttering, bullet journaling, planning with planners, exercise programs, serums, shakes and so so much more. Where does one start? I’ve received at least six emails from people wondering–is it vacation time yet?  I’m exhausted.

Here’s what I suggest–Self Care ASAP

  • Draw a nice warm Epsom salt bath– make sure to inform other members of your household that you are taking a 30 minute, or more, time-out.
  • Read a good book- the kind of book that takes you away. Save the self-help books for another day.  May I make a suggestion?  How about Diana Gabaldon’s The Outlander Series?
  • Grab your favorite little bag filled with all your favorite oils, lotions, and lip balms and slather them all on. Pick a pair of cozy socks and grab your favorite throw. Go cozy somewhere with your favorite person, pet, or book.
  • Brew a cup of your favorite tea, hot cocoa, or French pressed coffee and peruse your daily paper, or your favorite people on Instagram (stories).
  • Take a relaxing one-hour nap.
  • Eat a nourishing breakfast, lunch, and dinner- be it soup, salad, fruit, rice, and veg, or pizza–make sure the ingredients are fresh, the meal is fulfilling, and stay well hydrated throughout the day.
  • Take a nice slow walk outside.
  • Make weekly self-care a part of the new year.

Take a deep breath, don’t hesitate. No need for special books, planners, podcasts, or to peruse the internet at all.  Take care of yourself and your self will, I promise, take care of you.



Simple Living

Simple Living Nordic Style


    • Use functional yet stylish items you have on hand or from your environment/surroundings. For example- rugs, blankets, wood, tree branches, leaves, plants,  unique sheets, curtains, and housewares from friends or local thrifts.
    • Minimalism.
    • Clutter-free, stylish, modern and warm.
    • Modern even traditional over trendy.
    • Buy quality pieces of furniture over inexpensive and mediocre pieces.
    • Create spaces that make people feel welcome, happy, and at home.
    • Be inspired by nature and use decorative items and colors that reflect trees, earth, animals, mountains, and the sea.
    • Use candles to brighten a space.
    • Contrast textures and colors–blues and light chocolate browns, black and white, wood with glass, and knit wool with cashmere.

May 2018 be everything you desire it to be.


Simple Living

The Recipe for Christmas Spirit

Has the Christmas Spirit escaped you? I think the single most used statement I’ve heard so far this December is–It doesn’t feel like Christmas (no Christmas spirit).  What does Christmas or Christmas spirit feel like? For some, it means snow on the ground, but snow is on the ground for months on end throughout the Midwest, and other parts of the world sporadically.  So, though most would probably like some snow at Christmas time, snow doesn’t bring with it the Christmas spirit.  For some it’s the endless adventure of checking the list and checking it twice, making sure everyone’s gift has been purchased. Will it feel like Christmas if I give gifts? It doesn’t hurt to give a gift to those you love and care for all year round, even at Christmas.

Gifts that last longer than one day can include– homemade certificates given to friends and family for housecleaning, baker’s assistant. Spring and Fall cleaning helper, snow shoveler, babysitter, even a certificate for someone that provides adult care to have a couple of hours, or an afternoon free.  People scoff at the fruit of the month clubs, but it’s something I would definitely appreciate.  Another idea that could be used next year would be to order grapefruit or oranges from the FFA (local high school) in the fall. They deliver in our area shortly before Christmas.  You get a large produce box of oranges or grapefruits -either half of each or all the same. There is no way we can get through it all ourselves so we portion it out among those we know appreciate quality fruit in the winter.

I watch A Christmas Carol every year and in it, Scrooge receives a grand helping of Christmas spirit by the end of the show. Through looks into the past, present, and future Scrooge is introduced to the love of his family before the almighty dollar,  how his life would have been different had he valued those around him, including a special lady, over working around the clock, and the blessing of giving to others especially those not as fortunate$ as him.

Similarly in It’s a Wonderful Life George Bailey thinks he wants this life and then thinks he wants that life–all the time never fully seeing, or appreciating the wonderful life he’s created with his wife and family.  By the end of the movie, George has been saved by an angel who has shown George what would have happened  (his family, his wife, and family business) had George never been born. The final scene is one of true Christmas spirit when the whole town, most of which his family business has helped, rallies together to replace the money Uncle Billy lost.

Giving, family, friends, love, and appreciation for the simple things seem to be the recipe for true Christmas spirit and happiness. Not Target, or Macy’s, or long lines at shopping malls.

Social media can sure take us on a ride especially at this time of year.  Many of who we follow show pictures of family vacations in warm places, new cars, new homes, and trees buried in Christmas gifts. It can make the rest of us feel like Christmas has forgotten us. But please remember Christmas is in your heart, not your pocketbook or bank account.  The less commercialism your house has in it during the holidays the more peace you and yours will find.

And with that I wish everyone and their lovely families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!