Organizing and Reinforcing a Closet

Around 10 pm on the July 4th holiday weekend with my husband in bed sound asleep, and me watching a movie in the living room, we both suddenly heard a very loud crash. I heard him jump up and we both met in the hallway and asked each other ” what on earth was that?” We looked around and looked around some more and then I heard him say “come here we’ve got a problem.” The problem was that our closet had collapsed.

The brackets that hold up the bar that all of our clothing was hung on pulled out of the wall and the shelf above that bar, stacked high with stuff, came tumbling down. I blame our neighbors on the other side of that wall, and their constant banging for the brackets finally letting go, but in all honesty, we had a lot of stuff in our closet. With limited storage room in our apartment, I’ve had to get pretty creative organizing our closets and cupboards. So here we were with a mountain of stuff partially collapsed into our closet doors. What a mess! We took out what we could to take the pressure off our closet doors and saved the rest for the next day. Bright and early the next day we unloaded everything onto our bed, into our home office, into the washing machine, and along both shower curtains. What we needed to do was fix the current brackets, put in reinforcements, and clean and paint the closet (because the bracket nails scratched the walls up on their way down). My husband’s job was to fix the brackets, and mine was to organize the contents of our closet, clean, and paint.

Two hours later and we’re almost done–

At about the 2.5-hour mark we had completed our work with a few loads of freshly laundered clothing already out of the wash hanging up, and several bags ready for donation. I couldn’t have done all this work without the assistance of my husband. He is a great help in all things and an integral part of our family business.