Life Edit

I often tell people edit is my middle name. I love to edit things. Some of the easiest things I edit are the junk drawer, my handbag, even my make-up bag. To edit is to condense or modify. Editing is usually associated with written material but has recently become associated with decluttering or living with less or sorting through/sorting out.

This past weekend I completed several edits. The first edit was a handbag edit. I had been using the same bag, a black leather Coach handbag, for ten years. It’s been lovely and I’ve got a lot of use out of it, but it’s too heavy and the strap is always falling down. After looking at close to 200 different handbags online last week I finally found one that is lightweight, has two sections in it, two straps, and was very affordable. Today that handbag arrived and I was able to sort through all of the stuff in my old bag, throw a lot of the stuff away, and then fit everything I was keeping into my new bag. The new handbag is a bit more up to date, definitely more stylish than my last one, and is way easier on my back and shoulders. Handbag edit successful and complete.

Closet editing is done often around here. If items aren’t worn after a year they are donated. If items are looking shabby-sweaters pulled out of shape, pilling going on, holes or tears they are thrown. Often clothing items just don’t fit anymore with me, my lifestyle, my figure etc. and they also get donated.

Junk drawers–I actually have one and it gets edited regularly. I stand over it in our kitchen with the trash can and when I can’t remember why I hung onto this or that, or even sometimes identify what it is or why I’m holding onto it-nail, screw, bread tie, newspaper clipping–it’s thrown.

Even in social media regular editing can take place. I often look through my photos on Instagram and if they look too personal, or dated, or revealing or they just don’t match the profile of who I am and what I am sharing about myself, family or business on the internet, I delete them. I also purge Facebook photos and posts on a regular basis–this way what is available about me and mine is less likely to end up in a Googe or Facebook search/search all. Though I work hard to produce blog content with good grammar, I often fail. So when I can, I go back to posts and edit them. I do this all the time.

Editing is an important part of my life. I don’t like to be overwhelmed–my best line of defense for that is edit, regularly trim down the size of today’s list, prioritize things on my lists, and accomplish what I can today, and save the rest for tomorrow. I don’t consider it a failure to not get every little thing on my list completed.

Editing is an important part of my life because I am a minimalistic person. Chaos causes me more stress than any order ever will. If you don’t mind chaos or can adapt, I envy you. I don’t consider my minimalistic attitude and all the work it sometimes takes to always be positive. However, paring down closet space so it contains what you actually wear is fabulous. I’ve been organizing professionally for six months now without hiring any assistants. Soon I will be looking to build a small team. As of this time I am asked the most about closet organizing. I would say I’ve probably organized more closets for clients at this point than anything else. Sometimes a closet is a great starting place, and for me thus far I’m having a great time doing them.


Simple Inspiration for Living Simply

Even a professional organizer needs inspiration some days.  Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist and Simplified Life by Emily Ley were both recommended to me by fellow organizers and Hygge lovers. I just started following both of these ladies over on Instagram and bought these books this past weekend.

To say these past few months have been super busy would be an understatement. My full-time career is in accounting, I am a tax accountant by day, night, and everything in between. This tax season is a particularly difficult tax season with all the “last minute” changes. I will survive. I will survive.

My goal is to get my home-based business off the ground and slowly ease into working part-time organizing and personal shopping, and part-time as a tax accountant during the busy season.

Even though it’s been a busy few months I am still on track and I continue to stay on point with housework, new business-oriented work, family, and volunteer work. By keeping on top of things and making sure these things got taken care of, I’ve had a lot less stress working overtime and weekends since last fall. Our taxes are done, my spring cleaning is done, Easter dinner planned and partially shopped for, and I’m training two new volunteers to help me when I am back to volunteering every month come summertime.

Some things I’ve thought of lately that perhaps you might be interested in and jot down as inspiration–

  • In April I am attending a flower show in a local arboretum where early flowers such as primulas will be for sale.  Look to your local gardening center or university –they may have the same kind of event going on in April.
  • Perusing gardening catalogs and buying flowers and plants that honey bees and butterflies love.
  • Releasing butterflies- we have friends that hatch out monarchs every year. You can buy kits online–google butterfly release.
  • If you’re traveling this spring or summer consider Marie Kondo’s new travel accessory cases (Cuyana partnered with Marie Kondo).  They are sold out now but will be back in stock in May 2018.
  • New follows on Instagram- @livingbetterwithless @iheartorganizing @thehomeedit


Be Inspired!

Services, fees, and contact information



Virtual Assistant—$10.00 an hour

(email, organize, coach, schedule

resource, research, marketing)


Personal Organizing–$25.00 an hour

(room, office, section, declutter, assist with

a minimalistic approach, mail, desk, calendar, email)


Personal Shopping–$10.00 an hour

(home décor, gifts, grocery shop)


Home/Apt freshen up-after travel or hospitalization—$10.00 an hour

(light cleaning, airing out, mail recovery, food necessities, flowers, plant care)


Personal Lifestyle Coach—$20.00 an hour

(coaching, encouragement, listening, goal-setting, planning, and support) a service that is both virtual and offered in person.


Payment- PayPal

Communication- feel free to contact me at with all questions and concerns and to schedule an appointment. Same day appointments for all virtual services as soon as payment is made. I will provide references and a service contract before work is scheduled in person.



Virtual Chats are made through Google Hangouts

Virtual Hours-9am to 9pm