What experience do you have as a personal organizer/advice given for living a simpler life? Through the creation of this business, this will be my first opportunity to formally work as a personal organizer. I’ve spent most of my life organizing things for other people through my work and in my personal life. Several years ago I made a commitment to myself and my husband to learn to live a simpler life.  Almost a decade into living a simpler lifestyle, I’m ready to share some of the things that I’ve learned about living a more organized, self-sufficient, and far less chaotic life.


Tell me about the free consultation-

The free consultation works as an introduction and assessment process for the both of us. If you’d rather I do the free consultation online we can do that. With a camera or uploaded photos, I can take a look at each situation and I will be able to estimate how long or how many sessions will be needed to organize your requests. I can also visit you in person. I currently work in the Sauk County area and can give you an estimate based on an in-person tour of the rooms you want organized/ and or any other services that I provide that you request.  The consultation is free. 


Tell me how a session worksA session can be a room that you request to be organized or a service such as meal planning and shopping assistance. A session is a 2-hour minimum amount of time assigned to a room and or service provided by me. All work assigned is a two-hour minimum, which means that no matter how much or how little time is required to do a session of work, I will get paid for two hours of work and then all other hours of work after that minimum. Ex- I complete a session for you that took 1 hour and 15 minutes. You would need to pay me for 2 hours of work.  Ex- I complete a session for you that took over 8 hours of work, across two days of time. You would need to pay me for 8 hours of work. Ex- I complete a session for you that took 8 hours and 15 minutes of work, across two days of time. You would need to pay me for 8 hours of work. (I don’t charge for 15 minutes-excludes 2-hour minimum, but will charge for 30 minutes of my time if it’s 8 hours and 30 minutes)     


When do I pay for sessions/packages? The day that the work is completed. I am paid by the hour with a two-hour minimum.


When do I pay for online consultations/ assistance?  Before the session begins.

Do you provide an organizing contract? Yes, I do. Before payment is accepted and work begins I have an organizing contract that we will go over that assures you of your privacy, of when my work will begin, when work will end,  and that I have permission from you to perform organizational services and that you as the client have the responsibility to pay me for the services performed.

How do I pay?  You can pay me directly through PayPal or cash in person. I am unable to accept checks or credit cards at this time.

What areas do you work in?   We are currently accepting work in Sauk County at this time

What are your work days and work hours? Our hours of service are Monday – Saturday 9:00 am -4:00 pm.