What is the Danish concept Hygge (pronounced hooga)? Hygge is a feeling that comes to you as you are in the moment–pleasures from enjoying a simpler life. From creating a cozy home to being comfortable and happy in the present.  Hygge is a sense of comfort, contentment and an overall feeling of well-being. My belief is that the first step to enjoying the simpler things in life is to start with a clean and organized space.

I first read about hygge in 2016 and I’ve spent an incredible amount of time learning about it and developing an organizing business that’s built around it. Whether it be through helping you organize your space or helping you to appreciate the simpler things in life, my greatest hope is that you will feel an overall sense of joy as you work towards learning to live a simpler and happy life.

Books I’m reading: (all bought on Amazon)

How to Hygge: The Nordic Secrets to a Happy Life- Signe Johansen

How to Hygge- Helena Olson

Scandinavian Comfort Food- Embracing the Art of Hygge- Trine Hahnemann

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